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The demand for skills is changing along with the rapidly evolving business environment, so what do CFOs need to offer to maintain their front running for the top job? HAMISH WINTERBOURN S E N I O R M A N A G E R F I N A N C E , B A N K I N G A N D FINANCIAL SERVICES, ROBERT WALTERS I think adaptability will be a highly sought-after skill for all accountants, especially those in senior leadership roles who are looking to step into the top job. If COVID-19 has taught us [...]

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International Student Support


As we continue to live and study through COVID-19, it can often be confusing and challenging as a student in Australia. As a community, we have always supported one another in times of need. This includes looking after the health, safety, and wellbeing of our international students. More and more organisations have made significant commitments to supporting students through hardship funds and welfare support. If you're struggling to meet your living expenses, here's how you can access welfare support. How are institutions supporting international students? All international students are encouraged to stay in touch with their [...]

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The Benefits of Cultural Diversity in The Workplace


Janine Schindler, MCC, Forbes Councils Member Forbes Coaches Council¬ After years of asking corporate directors about the importance of diversity in the boardroom, we have got some good news: the vast majority see value in including more women and minorities. Nearly 95% of directors agree that diversity brings unique perspectives to the boardroom, while 84% believe it enhances board performance. Business today is increasingly global, and that's not likely to change anytime soon. If your company's employees don't reflect this trend and represent cultural diversity, your business may be very much behind the times. I coach professionals on group [...]

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